The Correction and Protection Solution for all Plaster Homes


The Liquid Cladding System is a CodeMarked Solution for people concerned about their monolithic homes.


The Liquid Cladding System is a 5 step system designed to Inspect, Detect, Correct, Coat, then monitor your plaster or monolithic home, to help restore the financial value and provide peace of mind with a 10 year performance guarantee, which means we look after the external walls so you don't have to.

One of our first clients bought a stigmatised home for $320,000, bought new carpet, changed a bathroom and applied the Liquid Cladding System. They then sold the home for over $800,000.
— 4 Bedroom Home - Wellington
One of our clients was told to sell their home for land value only, instead they applied the Liquid Cladding System and sold for over $500,000 more.
— 3 Bedroom Home - Kapiti
One body corporate asked for an alternative solution to a reclad. The quote they received was over $1,500,000 lower than their proposed reclad.
— Body Corporate - Tauranga
A 13 unit apartment building is able to solve their moisture challenges at 50% of the quoted fee for recladding their complex, and it will take 6 weeks versus 8 months.
— Body Corporate - Auckland

Don't let a stigmatised home, or a lack of options, deprive you of your hard earned equity in your home or townhouse!

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